Welcome to SinHack Blog!

In 2017, the team FallenAngels was born. FallenAngels was a Universal team focused on learning on several platforms, like HackTheBox, Root-Me, and more… In 2018 FallenAngels became CheckSec, then we started to play some Capture The Flags, like MetasploitCTF 2018 (1st place), and we reached the 2nd position in Hall Of Fame on HackTheBox. At the end of 2018, the members of the team having different projects from each other, the team has dissolved.

Around the same time, we thought about creating a new team, but only with french people, and we founded SinHack!

The beginning of SinHack was hard, we started our learning phase, continuing to play on platforms. Later we started to create our first logo, then some swag like T-Shirt, Stickers and more…

With time, more SinHack rised, today we’ve created our first blog, we’re going to participate on some Events and Capture The Flags.

Our goal? Make SinHack better than ever!

Wanna join us? Or have you any suggestions? Refer to the page “Contact” and contact us!

Enjoy your visit on SinHack Blog!